Silicone Mermaid Scale Tops 


Bring out your inner mermaid anytime with our customizable silicone scale tops!

Made from 100% dragon skin silicone, these tops are beach ready, pool ready and ready to make a statement

We can create any design, color scheme and accommodate all cup sizes.  

These tops are built on top of an actual bra, so they are comfortable, supportive and very durable.  You can even mail us your own bra to create the top with, which ensures a proper fit that you love! 

Be the conversation with your unique, one-of-a-kind show piece 

  • Pool Parties
  • Day and Night Clubs
  • Renaissance Faires 
  • Conventions
  • Concerts
  • Cosplay events 
  • Beach Days 
  • Boating  
  • Wherever you want to show off your inner mermaid! 


These tops are sure to make a statement, and will set you apart from the crowd! Contact us today to order and design your custom top or corset 




$275 for the standard strapless option.  Includes multiple colors and bra base with removable bra straps


$35 for netting straps

$75 for silicone straps/cup accents 

$50 for sizes larger than 36 D

$25+ for additional fins.  Price dependent on design/placement

$50+ for custom detail painting, such as anchors, octopus etc. 


Fill out the form below with the description of what you would like to order. We will email you back ASAP to discuss further custom details and send you your invoice

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