How much are your tails?

  • $1500 - Genesis edition full silicone tail.  This has two color choices only, one fluke shape option and no additional fins
  • $1800 - Signature line ONE COLOR silicone tail.  This does not include shading/variations of the same color, it is one solid color.
  • $2750 - Signature line full silicone tail.  This can have multiple colors, designs, additional fins and fluke choice

Fluke and scale choices, additional fins, and other upgrades ONLY available on the Signature Line tails

What is the difference between the "one color" tail and the "multi color" Signature tail?

$2750 Multi Color Tail                                                                       $1800 One Color Tail

  • Physically there is no difference in the silicone body of the tail.  They have the same thickness, durability and quality.  The ONLY difference is that the $2750 tail has a custom, multi colored paint job.  The one color tail is one solid color with no shading/blending of colors. 
  • Additional fins can be added to either tail.

What is the difference between the Genesis Edition and the Signature Edition?

$2750 Signature Line Tail


$1500 Genesis Edition Tail

  • The Signature line tails have thicker scales, multiple fluke options, the choice of colors/design and monofin.  You can also add additional fins and elaborate paint schemes.  This is a FULLY CUSTOM tail, so sky's the limit when it comes to your design. They are more durable and heavier. 
  • The Genesis edition tails are made with thinner scales, one fluke choice and the option of choosing any two colors to blend together to make the design.  You CAN NOT add additional fins or colors.  

What is the weight difference between your Signature Line and Genesis Edition?

  • The Signature Line tails weigh between 25-33 lbs on average.  Weight varies based on the addition of extra fins, fluke shape and size of the tail.  
  • The Genesis Edition tails weigh between 15-20lbs based on size of the tail. 

What if I just want a little bit of a third color, small fins or a few spots on the Genesis Tail?

  • The Genesis tail CAN NOT be upgraded to additional colors, designs or fluke shapes. 

What colors can you do?

  • We can make any color! All of our colors are blended by hand, so we try our best to make exact copies of whatever inspiration you have.  Feel free to send us anything that best represents the color you want.  Paint chips from a hardware store are often a good way to pick colors, or you can mail us whatever you like!


How much are additional fins on your tails?

The fins are completely custom and ONLY available on our Signature tails.  We create each fin unique for every customer, so they are one of a kind and can be made to any design/placement.  If you have a specific request for very unique fins, email us for a custom quote.

  • $250 - Dorsal fin (back)
  • $100 - Pectoral fin (front)
  • $150+ - Calf, hip, ankle, heel etc.. 

I am under 18 years old, can I buy a tail?

  • Yes! We make tails for all ages.  However, a parent or guardian does need to place the order.  So if you are under 18 please have a parent or guardian contact us so we can discuss the order. 

What monofin comes with the tail?

  • The $2750 signature tails come standard with either a Finis Wave (womens shoe size 4-7), Finis Rapid (womens shoe size 8+) or a Finis Trainer.  If you find that you have narrow feet and are a womens size 8 you can fit in either size. A competitor monofin upgrade is available for $100. 
  • The $1800 one color signature tail comes standard with either a Finis Wave (womens shoe size 4-7) or a Finis Rapid (womens shoe size 8+) only. A Trainer or Competitor upgrade is available for $150 or $200 respectively. 
  • The $1500 Genesis tail comes ONLY with the Finis Wave or Rapid and can not be upgraded.  

Mermaid Martha shows you how to make your duct tape dummy

How do you ensure a good fit?

  • We ask for detailed measurements along with a "duct tape dummy".  This process helps make sure that we provide you with the best fit possible! It's a little funny to make this dummy, but once we have it in our studio and stuff it, it's like you're here to try it on as we construct!

How can I pay for my tail?

  • We accept payment via cashiers check/money order or credit card.  Credit card is with PayPal and does incur a 3% transaction fee.  Before you pay we will send you a final invoice and other important documents regarding your order.  So please email us when you are ready to pay. 

  • Please keep in mind there are NO REFUNDS available for orders and payments made.  Your payment is used to purchase silicone and materials and is non-refundable.  It may be transferred to other designs/products as long as construction has NOT begun on your original item.  

Do you accept payment plans?

  • Yes! We are happy to work with you to pay off your tail in smaller payments.  We require a 50% down payment initially and the remainder paid in full within 3 months.  You can pay in any number of payments and any amount, so long as it is paid in 3 months. 
  • Due to the fact that these are custom fit and made to your custom design specifications we are not able to begin construction until the full balance is paid. 
  • There are NO refunds on payments made through out the course of your payment plan. 

Do you ship internationally? How much is shipping on average?

  • Yes we ship all over the world! Shipping varies greatly from place to place, even domestically. 
  • All domestic tails come with a set $100 shipping fee.  If the actual shipping exceeds this amount we will send a seperate invoice for the difference once the tail is ready to ship. This may be based on a heavier than average weight or a far distance from St. Petersburg, Florida (our location). 
  • International shipping varies based on country and keep in mind you may also need to pay import tax on your item. 

Are these tails safe to use?

  • We do not consider these tails to be "toys".  They are advanced swimming accessories that should only be used by strong swimmers and with a buddy.  When used properly, with the correct training and buddy system, they can be very safe. Ultimately, when the legs are bound together and you are in the water, you are at a higher risk for injury as it will be more difficult to enact a self rescue in case of an emergency.  NEVER SWIM ALONE and work your way up to open water swimming.  That being said, mermaid tails are a wonderful way to exercise, swim and have fun in the water!