I’ve already gotten a ton of compliments on my tail and I’m absolutely in love!!
— Andre; Tail Customer
Thank you so much to MerNation for creating this amazing and magical tail AND working so hard to get it done in time for not only it’s big debut on First Friday but also the next birthday parties I’ll be doing!!!!! <3 them so much. They have been nothing but wonderful.
— Deschutes River Mermaids
To the bottom of the ocean and back – Thank you MerNation.
This won’t be my last tail either! You’ve created a lifetime merfan out of me <3
— Kata; Tail Customer
It’s beautiful!!! Better than I could have ever imagined!
— Maree; Tail Customer
I tell everyone about you guys :) Best company ever!
— Ashley; Tail Customer
You guys really have the best customer service ever! Love all your work, you guys are awesome!
— Alexandria; Tail Customer
OH MY GOD!!!!!!!!! IT’S FANTASTIC!!!!!!!
— Kristen; Tail Customer
You guys are so amazing, I love my tail!!! I use it 2-3 times a week and I just never get tired of swimming in it!!
— April; Tail Customer

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5/5 Star Rating


A few of our customers and their tails 


We are proud to develop such close relationships with our clients.  We feel that when you purchase a product from us, you're not just a customer, you're a member of our MerNation family! 

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Raven in her Mernation tail 

If you are thinking of purchasing from them then I say go for it!!! You will not find a company that cares more about their products and customers. I will be buying all my mermaiding things from them. I couldn’t be any happier <3
— Raven Mermaid

Ashley in her MerNation tail and top

I absolutely love it!!!!!
— Ashley

nola mermaid in her mernation tail

The little girls birthday party that I did the kids really believed that I was a mermaid from the Caribbean and I swam all the way here just for them!! Mernation did such a great job on the realist feel and look of the tail/top/bracers the kids were so convinced that the scales were really on me! It was so much fun!! Once again Mernation you are wonderful!!!
— NOLA Mermaid

Merman Kalas in his Mernation tail 

Complete perfection in service and product...I couldn’t have gone with a better tail maker
— Merman Kalas

Mermaid Michelle in her Mernation tail and top

I really can’t speak highly enough of Erin and Mernation! I wish all companies could have such a high quality product and phenomenal customer service.
I would recommend them in a heartbeat!
— Mermaid Michelle

Merman Joseph in his custom Marlin tail

The tail itself is everything I could have dreamed for. The tail itself is insane if you ask me. The quality of the work is top of the line. I will let the photos speak for it. In the water the tail is in its element. They easily get a 5/5
— Merman Joseph

Wavy mermaid in her mernation tail 

Michael, Erin, and Lauren of MerNation are such a pleasure to work with. They respond promptly to emails and texts, communicate frequently over the course of the design and production process, and work very hard to make your dream tail come to life. The speed of production that I experienced combined with the quality of the finished product is quite amazing.
— Wavy Mermaid

mermaid dottie in her mernation tail 

This tail is beautiful, and looks identical to my sketch, but better.
— Mermaid Dottie

Dont just take it from us! Check out these "unboxing videos"

Mermaid Michelle opens her new tail

"The unboxing of my stunning new Mernation tail." 

This is me, Chrissy with Nola Mermaid unboxing my amazing beautiful dragon skin silicone mermaid tail from Mernation INC!!! I hope you enjoy it I have had a wonderful time planning and watching this tail be made for me!! I can't believe it is really here and I cant wait to get video of me swimming in it!!!

Hey Guys! This is my unboxing video of my Mernation silicone mermaid tail. I hope you guys enjoy this! I apologise for how long it is and the amount of 'OMG's that went on! I am so happy with everything MerNation has done for me. I can't praise them enough!

Mermaid April opens her MerNation tail!