Which tail is right for you?

With over 7 years in the tail-making business we have worked diligently to create a range of custom silicone mermaid tails to meet a variety of skill levels, design preferences and budgets. We make your pursuit of the perfect tail easy. Click on the links below to learn more about each style.

Genesis Edition

Our most basic silicone tail available in 7 preset color schemes. Lightweight and custom fit to your measurements this is the most budget friendly and high quality introduction to the world of full silicone tails available on the market.

Genesis Plus Edition

A more customizable, but still budget friendly full silicone tail option. High quality and available in a wide variety of designs these tails are custom fit to your measurements and painted with any 3 colors. Additional fins, upgraded paint designs, glitter top coats and two fluke designs available as options.

Signature Line

Top of the line, professional tail option with “all the bells and whistles”. These tails are fully customizable, with 8 different flukes to choose from, 3 scale patterns and endless color schemes. Sky’s the limit with these tails as our only restraint is your imagination.