The perfect addition to your mermaid look

Throughout our many years in the tailmaking business, we have been lucky enough to work with mermaids and mermen with a variety of tails, body shapes/sizes and modesty levels. Often the top edge of a tail is the biggest issue people have with maintaining a "realistic" appearanece and can cause a real problem if you've ended up with an ill fitting tail (not from us of course!) 

The "Gap Wrap" was created and designed by us to help with this problem and act as either a cosmetic blending accessory for your waist or a useful tool to help fix sizing issues. 


Achieve a blended waist on any tail

Great for photograpy

How does it work?

The gap wrap is a solid band of high quality dragon skin silicone that is worn over the top edge of the tail and up onto the waist. It can be made as wide as you like, to provide more stomach coverage or to just barely cover the edge. Designed to fit snugly, it helps cinch in the waist of a baggy tail and prevent "gapping" at the lower back. 

SKin tone/color blend - all skin tones available

SKin tone/color blend - all skin tones available

Available in skin tone blends

The wrap can be made in any skin tone to achieve the maximum "blending" effect. The top half is pigmented to match your skin tone and the bottom half is painted to match your tail. This gives the illusion of the tail continuing up onto the body. 

Uses for the Gap Wrap

  • Photoshoots - Helps make it easier for photographers photoshop the tail onto the body by creating a seamless surface

  • Tail height issues - If your tail is too short the wrap can add height and prevent slippage

  • Tail waist issues - If your tail is too big in the waist and hangs open/gaps the wrap can help cinch in this area and keep the waist flat against the body

  • Personal comfort - If you're self conscious about the way you look in your tail, the gap wrap can help cover areas you wish to smooth/hide and give a less exposed look.

  • Mermaid parties - Curious kids pointing out the edge of your tail? Cover it up to give a more realistic edge and prevent wandering hands from pulling on the edge of your tail.

All skin tones available, any color combinations, custom sizing

@mikinedesigns wearing her solid color gap wrap

@mikinedesigns wearing her solid color gap wrap

Solid color option

Also available in one solid color to be worn over the top edge of the tail. In the photo above, Mermaid Mikine is using it to cinch in a tail (not made by MerNation, Inc) that is too large in the waist and prevent gapping. 

General Pricing

  • $175 - one solid color

  • $195 - Skin tone and an additional color

Pricing for add-on to tail order or for previous MerNation customers

  • $130 - one solid color

  • $150 - Skin tone and an additional color


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